The Hagir Show is hosted by TSI Founder Hagir Elsheikh, and Vice Chair Heather MacDonald. This educational, inspirational, and motivational talk show features interviews of individuals who are making a difference every day. The show discuss variety of current global and social issues ranging from systemic racism to the significance of voting, to domestic violence, violence against children, homelessness, race, education, human trafficking, relationships and more. The program is in 2 languages, English and Arabic. 

As a young girl, Hagir Elsheikh grew up in Sudan during an Islamic dictatorship, and from the earliest years, she simply wanted to make a difference. She fought for her rights which led to her being detained and tortured by the government numerous times. She was one of the few female leaders and fought for the rights of all – especially women – until her life was tragically changed by a certain death sentence. She fled the country with the help of the UN and eventually after numerous difficulties, immigrated to the United States to start a new life. When she thought she was safe, she had to face domestic violence and more traumatic experiences in the US. As a single mother and a survivor, Hagir’s long walk through life was filled with unexpected events, twists, and turns and ups and downs.  Despite the triumphs and tribulations, she managed to change the negatives into positives and became an inspiration to women across the globe. Hagir was nominated as a woman of influence and won awards for her heroic and selfless acts. She became a motivational speaker using her life story to inspire others. Hagir’s memoir ‘Through Tragedy and Triumph’ is available on and a manuscript is available, in part or full, upon your request.

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